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Why to choose us

Most advanced equipment

We have the most advanced pieces of equipment. It is very important when you run a carpet cleaning business to have not just the right tools, but tools with the latest technology that will save you time and do the job more perfectly.

highly trained technicians

Our team consists only of highly trained technicians. You can’t offer a good quality service if your employees don’t know how to do their job. Even with the most advanced gear, you can’t have quality service if people don’t know how to handle equipment properly.

the fastest in business

We work fast, time is something we take very seriously. Fast doesn’t necessarily mean that a job will be done poorly, it means that we know exactly what we are doing. Our equipment is designed to save time by cleaning much faster than any other carpet cleaning tool.


Best Carpet Cleaning Service in the Region

We are known for our high-quality service. For over a decade we never had a customer that was not pleased with our service, that’s why we are the best in the region. Every carpet that leaves our building is spotless. If you are located somewhere near Springfield, you can expect us to arrive within half an hour to pick up your dirty carpet.


Customer Testimonials


My father recommended me this carpet cleaning company. The carpet was extremely dirty, this was the first time I cleaned it and I thought some of the stains could not be removed, but they did it!

-Andy Stevens




Extremely pleased with the customer service and of course, with the quality of work. Could not have called a better cleaning company they gave my carpet a brand new look.

-Amy Winston



I had an indoor party a few weeks ago, and I forgot to take the carpet out. People spilled all kinds of drinks on it so I called the carpet cleaning company and they did an excellent job, the carpet is spotless.

-Mark Smith


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