Methods we use to clean carpets

There are two types of cleaning methods for carpets, dry and steam cleaning. People ask us all the time which one is better and why. Both methods have their pros and cons. Here we will try to explain how they work.

Dry cleaning

This is the less effective way to clean a carpet but that doesn’t mean that its bad. When dry cleaning your carpet, usually, you can’t clean it perfectly as you would with steam cleaning. The good side of it is that you don’t need to wait 12 or more hours for the carpet to dry. You have the option of buying some strong dry carpet cleaning system that will probably remove all stains. One downside of dry cleaning is the strong odour problem they have, over time it disappears but in the beginning, it can be awful.

Steam Cleaning


As the name says it removes stains by applying hot steam. You can buy carpet steam cleaners for personal use but they are not nearly as powerful as the ones companies like us use. With personal steam cleaners, you need to act immediately if you want to remove a stain from the carpet. After you are done cleaning it you’ll need to wait for at least 12 to 24 hours for it to dry. If you get professionals to steam clean your carpet with a much more powerful machine it would give you the benefit of the machine spraying more detergent into the carpet and sucking up more water, that way carpets dry up more quickly.

Those are some of the pros and cons of both cleaning methods. It is on you to decide which one will benefit you the most. We usually recommend the dry cleaning method if the carpet is cut out to fill the whole room because that way you can save time and energy. You don’t need to move all the furniture out as you would need to do for steam cleaning. When, for example, you have a smaller carpet which is placed under the desk you can easily pull it out and that way we can steam clean it.