Tips for taking care of your carpet

If you have just bought yourself a new carpet and you want to keep good care of it, follow these few easy steps.



The easiest way to maintain a carpet is to vacuum it. You should vacuum it at least 3 times a week, that way, you can get rid of dirt or hair that got stuck in it. If you have a pet that sheds a lot, consider vacuuming it every day. The key thing most people forget, is to vacuum under the rug, don’t be lazy, there could be a lot more dirt under the rug than above it.

Professional spot removers

For example you have a clean carpet and you accidentally spill some liquid on a small area and you want to clean it yourself, there is a solution. You can buy so called professional spot removers for your carpet, that can usually do the job. But only if you react quickly after the spillage. If you wait a day before cleaning it, you might have a problem removing the stain afterwards.

Removal of shoes

CarpetShoesThis is a popular trick in Europe. Removing your shoes before entering your home is the easiest way to protect your rug. There could be several items attached to your shoes without you even noticing it, for example a gum or something sticky that could ruin your rug. Imagine walking on it with a gum, the gum would probably immediately stick to the carpet. Removing a gum stuck on the rug is a difficult thing to do. If you do end up with a gum stuck in it, usually, there is nothing you can do since the gum is stuck deep within the fibres and the only way to remove it is to cut that part of the rug.

Removing stains immediately

Before you start removing any stains from your carpet make sure that you have the right detergent that will cause no harm to it. To pick the right cleaning solution, consult with a professional on what they recommend and why. We recommend a neutral PH detergent because if you use a detergent that has high PH they often tend to remove the colour of the carpet.